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          Buzzing with Ideas

          LittleEcoE has been a fan of Dave Goulson since being lent “A Sting In The Tale” by family. Last week

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          Cooking the books – tricks we used to get 2/3rds off a new eco kitchen

          One thing we like almost as much as trying to be eco is saving money! When we moved into LittleEcoFlat

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          Highly Train-ed Holidaymakers

          Now that the evenings are darkening it’s a good time to look back at our summer holiday this year, a

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          A #shelfie using lasers – affordable and bespoke built-in shelving

          Most the places we’ve rented haven’t had enough useful storage and newer builds seem to getting even worse. Sadly, for

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          Losing our bottle – long-term plastics reduction

          Plastics reduction has really caught public attention recently, with the “Blue Planet” effect and with some people in the UK

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          Now for Suma-thing different

          It feels like today, many of us are becoming quite distant from the origins of the food we eat. We’re

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          Allotmenting pt. II – A quick update

          Since our last allotment post?we’ve obtained and reclaimed the second part our allotment plot. This adjoins to the north of

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          Don’t feel Marrow-se about your courgettes!

          When does a courgette (or zucchini to our American friends) become a marrow…. ? When you go on holiday! In

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          Expanding our growing allot(ment) – pt. I

          A few months back, we got a call out of the blue asking if we wanted an allotment. We suddenly

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          Skyrocket salad! Attempts at growing high-rise food

          After looking at our carbon footprints via a nice (and relatively quick ) tool called?REAP-Petite?a while back, we realised that

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